We recognise that you are currently working with various agencies to support and deliver your marketing needs.  However, we are living in a period of both change and uncertainty. Over the past troubled year, several brands have been forced to review with many shifting the emphasis from one area to another. Three of our clients have actually built their business significantly over the past year as their service has increased in both interest and sales, forcing an expansion of existing marketing services. If your business has been subject to an operational change, or you just feel that you need to review your brand and communications, you may need some marketing support. We can help. As a business we too have changed the way we operate given the shift in market needs, so are very aware of the need to review the brand and product or service. We have! But who to use and for what?  We have broken our overall service in to areas of specialism which have seen significant interest in the last year from our clients. For each, we have provided a few examples of the work, which may demonstrate a value to you. At Lock Stock, we work with businesses of all sizes, however, we have a tight knit team of Strategist, Creative and Digital Strategist that we support if needed, meaning you only pay for the resource that you need. Below is a summary of some of the work we have done. Please have a look and let’s then chat about what we can do for you.

Digital and website capability.

MailPlus – social media lead generation from zero.

  • Amidst a nation in pandemic, some businesses flourished as Australians adjust to their new work and life locations.
  • Online purchases soared whilst distribution companies toiled to cope with the excess demand.
  • MailPlus was caught in this perfect storm – adjusting quickly and pushing for new custom.
  • Brand awareness was low in a sector dominated by Australia Post.
  • MailPlus played to its key advantages of cost and speed – arguably the two key means of measure in a commoditised market.
  • Traditional channels to market were too broad, so highly targeted social media activity was the solution.
  • Four phases of activity saw much trial and learnings, allowing us to quickly change several of the social media variables including platform, targeting and of course creative.
  • Refinement continues, but interjected with new creative and new product offerings.

Barossa Valley Wine Company – From zero to portfolio.

  • Back in 2018, BVWC had a couple of varietals sitting on the shelves of Coles Liquor Group
  • There was however a belief that there was much strength and credibility in the Barossa Valley Wine Company name.
  • The limited single bottles became part of a broader portfolio containing 6 varietals at different prices – similar to St. Hallet or even the lofty Penfolds.
  • Lock Stock has generated numerous materials from brand guidelines, a new website, social media support, print as well as participation in wine shows and promotions.

Social Media.


Brand and design.

  • We have worked with numerous clients to formulate both brand and design guidelines.
  • We worked closely with the Australian Vintage marketing team to develop a fragmented selection of wines into the current portfolio of BVWC wines.
  • Specifically, we took it away from a rather urban, inner city aspirational brand to one that is grounded in the physicality of the Barossa.

Promotional and experiential experience.

Allianz – Insurance credibility with relevant promotional support.

  • Allianz is one Australia’s leading insurance companies.
  • Whilst much of Allianz’s business is direct to customer, it also underwrites significant insurance cover for many other smaller building societies and credit unions.
  • As a collective push on home and car insurance, we have created several promotional campaigns that raise awareness instore and online.
  • Promotional simplicity is key, as we believe POS is as much a staff prompt as it is a customer offer.

Consumer Promotion.

Food and Wine Show Stand with Video Display.

Working with retailers and brands in retail.

Woolworths – Creating true shopper category events with brands.

  • Historically, the Back-to-School event was fragmented, with numerous brands competing for the same space at the same time – far from simple for Mum who needed a little more help and simplicity to prepare her kids for school.
  • Woolworths brought over 40 brands together under the common back to school theme.
  • BTS product was merchandised together instore for ease, with several products offering discounts.
  • By purchasing through the category, including any three featured products, Mum was able to claim a free set of personalised labels for her kids – delivering the simplicity and organisational help she craved.


Simon led the Woolworths account at M&C Saatchi as well as the Aldi account at BMF. He has continued to work with Woolworths creating category events, including Earn & Learn, Big Night In and Back to School - the latter being a project he still runs. There is a clear shift in the retail space where value is preferred to volume and a constant demand to grow the category through unified activities and events. Simon has also worked closely with Coles to grow their online shopping business. Retail marketing is clearly in Simon’s blood following 8 years on the client side at Sainsbury’s in the UK. Simon is an award winner on several brands including Woolworths Back to School, Tui Catch a Million and VB Cricket sponsorship/promotions. He has been, and still is a judge for 8 years for Shop! (formerly POPAI) and APPA.

Adam was Creative Director at Hulsbosch and headed up the team that was responsible for creating brand identities for Woolworths, Qantas, Rebel Sports, P&O, Hamilton Island, Hyundai, Foxtel, Michael Hill Jeweller, Goldmark, Prouds, Marbig and Taronga Zoo amongst others. He has won many awards over the years with the Qantas logo receiving a prestigious Mobius Award for outstanding Creativity and in 2008 it was chosen as the best identity in the world at the Cannes Advertising and Design Awards. Industry commentators recognise the Woolworths rebrand as one of the most successful in Australian history. Sales jumped by 6.5 per cent to more than $12 billion in the quarter ended March 2009, driven by groceries and liquor. A variety of national and international brand-ranking awards also named Woolworths ‘most valuable brand’.

We have enjoyed considerable growth in digital over the past 4 years, with major website builds for clients such as InvoCare, EG (Euro Garages) and PainChek. Jo Sharma has also strengthened the team, joining us and helping to further develop social media planning and execution. This area of expertise continues to grow at pace.