MailPlus – social media lead generation from zero.

  • Amidst a nation in pandemic, some businesses flourished as Australians adjust to their new work and life locations.
  • Online purchases soared whilst distribution companies toiled to cope with the excess demand.
  • MailPlus was caught in this perfect storm – adjusting quickly and pushing for new custom.
  • Brand awareness was low in a sector dominated by Australia Post.
  • MailPlus played to its key advantages of cost and speed – arguably the two key means of measure in a commoditised market.
  • Traditional channels to market were too broad, so highly targeted social media activity was the solution.
  • Four phases of activity saw much trial and learnings, allowing us to quickly change several of the social media variables including platform, targeting and of course creative.
  • Refinement continues, but interjected with new creative and new product offerings.